Welcome to Shoal Bay Country Club

Shoal Bay Country Club is an iconic gathering place for all ages and occasions. Offering a range of Port Stephens’ best dining options (for breakfast, lunch & dinner!), the country’s best live entertainment and unparalleled views across the idyllic Shoal Bay Beach, the Country Club is a destination in itself.

Whether you’re stopping by for breakfast in Mermaids Cafe, a sun-kissed long lunch and cocktails on the patio, or a day out with the family, the Country Club has something for you.

Escape to Atmos

Greek cuisine is simple, uncomplicated, and best shared with family and friends.

If you’ve been thinking of trying Atmos, now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a Greek feast!

2022 Memberships

Become a member of Shoal Bay Country Club and instantly gain access to exclusive benefits including:
10% off food and beverage at all Zenith Hotels venues.
$50 birthday voucher.
Earn True Local status by earning 5,000 points to increase your discount to 12.5%.
Earn Local Legend status by earning 10,000 points and receive a 15% discount on all purchases.

All membership money is donated to local charities.



The Atmos Story

We've brought Mykonos to your backyard.

Take a touch of SBCC home with you

Our famous Crab Spaghetti recipe revealed.

A membership to feel good about

100% of membership fees donated to local charities.

The Atmos menu revealed

What to expect from the Atmos menu.

The story of Yiayia’s famous baklava

Find out what makes Yiayia's famous baklava so good.

Become the life of the party with this cocktail recipe

Our Peach & Mint Margarita recipe revealed.

International Women’s Day

Meet the smart, diverse and empowered women of SBCC.

Meet our Executive Chef – Leonard Faust

We sat down with our Executive Chef, Leonard, to talk about his career and his role at SBCC.

Summer never ends Port Stephens

Paradise on your doorstep.

What cocktail to order based on your love language

Choosing a cocktail is hard, let us help you decide.

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