Make the Atmos Aegean cocktail at home

Transport yourself to the mesmerising shores of the Aegean Sea with the aptly named Aegean cocktail from Atmos. Infused with elegant, subtle flavours of cucumber, elderflower and lemon, this mouth-watering sip offers a refreshing taste of Greece without the jetlag.

After much begging and grovelling with our Group Beverage Manager, we’ve managed to wrangle this top-secret recipe so you can make the Atmos Aegean cocktail at home! Impress friends and loved ones at your next dinner party when you break out this delicious cocktail.

make atmos aegean cocktail at home

What you’ll need:

30ml Finlandia vodka
30ml elderflower liqueur
30ml lemon juice
30ml fresh cucumber juice
15ml agave syrup

What to do:

1. Blend Lebanese cucumbers in a food processor and strain the liquid
2. Place all ingredients into shaker with ice and shake vigorously
3. Double strain over ice into an old fashioned glass
4. Garnish with cucumber ribbon and enjoy!

Or book a table at Atmos and let us do all the hard work.